Italian Meeting on Raman Spectroscopies and Non Linear Optical Effects

You are cordially invited to participate in GISR 2016, the fourth national congress on Raman teatro anatomicospectroscopies and non linear optical effects, which will take place in Padova, 14-16 September, 2016. The congress will be held in the historical building of the University of Padova that hosts many evidences of the times when modern Science was born.

GISR 2016 is organized by the Interdivisional Group of the Italian Chemical Society  GISR  (https://www.soc.chim.it/it/gruppi/raman/home). The congress is held every second year and follows those organized at the University of Florence (2010), University of Bologna (2012) and University of Parma (2014). palazzo della ragione It is a well established meeting point for researchers from academia, research centers and industries, who study and use these spectroscopies in many fields of Chemical, Physical, Biological, Pharmaceutical Sciences and in Engineering and Medicine. It will cover both theoretical aspects and applications.

Papers on the many facets of Raman and nonlinear optical spectroscopies are solicited for contributed oral and poster presentation.basilica del santo

Keynote lectures will be presented on enhanced effects, like SERS, on novel optical microscopies based on nonlinear effects and on vibrational and vibronic effects in nonlinear and two-dimensional spectroscopies.

The congress welcomes in particular young researchers who will be given the opportunity of reporting and discussing their results.  Grants are available to PhD students.

La Specola

English will be the official language of the meeting.




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