THURSDAY 15 September 

17:00-18:45 Poster session

  • 1. S. Anand  Raman spectroscopy of formalin fixed tissue samples in the fingerprint and high-wavenumber region for the detection of pediatric tumors (Abstract)
  • 2. F. Bertorelle  A sub-micron architecture for efficient immunomagnetic sorting, SERS detection and photothermal treatment of cancer cells (Abstract)
  • 3. L. Brambilla  Electrochemical anions intercalation in graphite: a combined Raman and AFM/STM investigation (Abstract)
  • 4. F. D’amico IUVS: the UV-tunable Resonant Raman scattering facility at Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste (Abstract)
  • 5. A. Damin Synthesis and characterization of Au/SiO2 systems for SERS  (Abstract)
  • 6. M. Di Foggia  Influence of zinc(II) and copper(II) ions on thermal aggregation processes of model proteins: chemical and physical characterization (Abstract)
  • 7. M. Di Foggia  Spectroscopic characterization of Vitronectin-derived peptides enhancing cell adhesion on prosthetic devices (Abstract)
  • 8. A. Ertani  Characterization of vegetal extracts by using FT-Raman spectroscopy (Abstract)
  • 9. A. Feis  Silver nanowires as SERS substrates for infrared excitation (Abstract)
  • 10. O. Francioso  Surface Enhanced Optical Spectroscopy for Dynamic Molecular characterization of humic substances (Abstract)
  • 11. B. Gironi  The role of water on hydration properties and phase behavior of model membranes in cryopreservation processes, studied by vibrational spectroscopies (Abstract)
  • 12. A. Gualerzi  Raman Spectroscopy For The Characterization Of Human Extracellular Vesicles (Abstract)
  • 13. L. Litti Laser Ablated Gold Nanoparticles decorated with a new Gd-loaded polymer for SERS-MRI multimodal imaging  (Abstract)
  • 14. F. Puglielli  Development of an agarose-based SERS sensor (Abstract)
  • 15. T. Salzillo Micro-Raman investigation of the lattice phonon modes of Indigoids: a route to the characterization of bulk and thin film phases  (Abstract)
  • 16. A. Torreggiani Structural analysis of the neuropeptide Substance P by Raman ad IR spectroscopy (Abstract)
  • 17. I. Fortunati  Adsorption kinetic of BSA on gold nanoparticles followed through fluorescence experiments in a microfluidic device (Abstract)
  • 18. C. Ferrante How to exploit the Photoacoustic Effect to build an Optofluidic Light Sensor  (Abstract)
  • 19. F. Biscaglia  Plasmonic Nanostructures for EGFR-marked caner cell targeting and SERRS imaging (Abstract)
  • 20. A. Volpato  The Effect of Chromophores Confinement on the Vibrational Coherences in a Model Multichromophoric Polymer (Abstract)
  • 21. L. Bolzonello  Could solvent vibrational modes generate coherent oscillation in excited organic dye? (Abstract)
  • 22. R. Pilot On the validation of SERS Enhancement Factors (Abstract)
  • 23. A. Lapini Structural transformations and hydrogen bond reorganization of liquid water under high-pressure conditions (Abstract)
  • 24. V. Kumar Single-shot stimulated Raman scattering by photonic time stretching (Abstract)
  • 25. L. Litti Detection of low-quantity anticancer drugs by surface-enhanced Raman scattering (Abstract)
  • 26. L. D’Urso SERS characterization of transient oligomeric state of amyloidogenic proteins using Ag nanoparticles (Abstract)
  • 27. A. Torreggiani Photo-active keratin doped with Methylene Blue for wound dressings and
    tissue engineering: a Raman spectroscopic characterisation (Abstract)